Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

And in Washington State...

... well, there isn't a question of Presidential irregularities, but there is a remarkably tight gubernatorial race that has yet to be decided. In fact, with four counties worth of provisional ballots still to be counted (two strong GOP, two strong Dem), Republican Dino Rossi was ahead by 19 votes to Democratic Attorney General Christine Gregoire.

You read that right. A difference of 19 votes. Out of 2.8 million cast.

Why posting about this here? Because of the hilarious and yet sadly true quote from Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels:

"We live in King County, not Broward County (Florida),'' Seattle Mayor Greg Nickels said. ``Let's count every vote.'

That's what it's all come down to. Broward is now a punchline, synonymous for voting irregularities and suppression of the vote.

In Washington State, if there's a margin of 2,000 votes or smaller, there's an automatic recount. As there should be.

Note that if Chris Gregoire does pull this one out, Washington State will have two female Senators and a female Governor. A first. (California has never had a female Governor during the years Boxer and Feinstein have held their senate seats.)