Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

BREAKING NEWS: Recounts in Nevada and New Mexico Being Sought!

And even the Washington Post is covering it. The recount effort is being paid by a 527 organization called the Help America Recount Fund, but being done in the name, again, of Badnarik and Cobb.

Now, I have not heard of many stories of irregularities in Nevada and New Mexico.

In fact, from much of what I've read, Nevada had one of the better run/conducted elections in the country, a model for other states.

That said, the totals/margins in both of those states were slim -- a slimmer 6,000 or so in New Mexico (a difference of .8 percent of the total vote, well within many states' percentage threshold for an automatic recount) than a 21,500 margin or so in Nevada.

I have yet to see case made for a recount in Nevada. I'd be interested in what the rationale of the Cobb and Badnarik people for a Nevada recount is, given that there were states that Bush eeked out a win with a smaller margin, namely Iowa where the margin of victory was less than 1% with a margin of 10,059.

Update: I'm wrong -- Nevada was the site of one of the "Republican groups caught destroying Democratic registration documents" situations.