Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Kerry lawyers in Ohio!


Here's an excerpt:

CLEVELAND - Lawyers from John Kerry’s presidential campaign are scrutinizing the results of voting in Ohio, but the campaign said the effort is not aimed at changing the outcome of the election.

"While the outcome of the election is not in doubt, no one cares more about voting irregularities than John Kerry and John Edwards,” Kerry campaign spokesman David Wade said in describing what he called a “fact-finding mission” in Ohio. “They remain committed to their pledge that every vote be counted, that's why they built an unprecedented 17,000 lawyer voter protection team to ensure that every American's rights are protected."

Officials in Ohio’s 88 counties are still checking 155,337 provisional ballots to ensure they are valid, and then counting them in a process that is expected to take another week or more. The hotly contested state’s 20 electoral votes gave President Bush  the cushion he needed to win re-election.

They've brought DAVID WADE in! They are NOT fucking around. And smart strategy: "We know we lost, we're just curious." Lowering expectations, a great strategy in dating and election investigation!