Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Olbermannia, continued

Keith reports on his blog exactly why we weren't posting here about the counties in Ohio where there were more votes than voters -- that was just due to the absentee ballots coming in.

But, as mentioned in the Bev Harris post below, what exactly happened in Youngstown? Over to Keith:

The problem is, the rubber clown immediately bounces back with the report that officials in Youngstown managed to catch a slight glitch in their voting there: a total drawn from all the precincts that initially showed negative 25,000,000 million votes cast. It evokes a Monty Python sketch (“Mr. Kevin Phillips Bong - Sensible Party - 14,352. Mr. Harquin Fim Tim Lim Bim Bus Stop Fatang Fatang Ole Biscuit Barrel - Silly Party -- minus 25,000,0000).

No reason to worry about the integrity of the outcome in Ohio, is there?

Keith also talked to Jonathan Turley of George Washington U Law School, who was a talking head during the Clinton impeachment crisis who often pointed out that the impeachment was certainly constitutional. So, not exactly a partisan. Turley says that Ohio is rife with allegations. Here's more:
“There was litigation over pockets of voters,” Turley continued, on the subject of Ohio. “There was far more litigation than was indicated in the news programming.” He should know - he was on the clock and on the set working for CBS News throughout the campaign, and straight through to 6 AM in the hours after the vote. “So when you look at provisionals and absentees and then those pockets of votes, yeah, there probably is enough of a margin if things broke for Kerry that he could turn the state. Is it likely? No. But it is not impossible.”

But here's an interesting point from Turley: without Kerry's support of a recount, it's gonna be much harder for anything to get done in Ohio: “Without the candidate, judges don’t work as hard” when it comes to overturning a set of returns, or a county’s report, or a state’s. But, he added, “remember that over 70% of Ohio’s votes were done with punch cards and we know that when you do a challenge to those, they tend to turn over.”

The difficult thing is, while we're on the way, there's not yet enough evidence for Kerry to put himself out there. There's enough evidence to pay for an independent recount. But...

Keith also talks about how Kerry's concession actually helped work to dissuade reporters and journalists from looking into the already strange goings-on and reports from Columbus and other areas. MSNBC Political Contributor Craig Crawford said, "Since John Kerry conceded, there wasn’t that great desire to run out to Columbus and try to figure this out. And the concession is the key because we’re often wimps in the media and we wait for other people to make charges, one political party or the other, and then we investigate.”

Crawford said that organizing independent election supervisors into any kind of conspiracy would be like herding cats in a parking lot, but Olbermann affirmed that given that one machine added 4,000 votes to Bush's total, while another tried to take away minus 25 million, altering these machines might be easy enough. Our nota bene to this is that tampering can occur without any involvement from election supervisors, given the hacking possibilities. No one would ever know a thing.