Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Monday, November 08, 2004

What's it all about, Alfie


This is not a blog to discuss the future of the Democratic Party. Or the Republican Party. Or the campaigns that were waged over the course of the last two years by George W. Bush and John F. Kerry.

This is a blog to discuss one thing: the growing litany of irregularities and strange phenomena over the election results of November 2, and what's being done, by the media and government, to address them.

That includes malfunctioning electronic vote machines. The possibility of hacking into the computers that collated and counted the Opti-Scan ballots. The seemingly inconsistent predictions of exit polls. And surges of the GOP vote in some counties but not in demographically similar counties and states.

This isn't a conspiracy site. I'm not a guy who wears a tinfoil hat, I never thought Paul was dead, and I thought Pierre Salinger, may he rest in peace, was embarassing himself when he started claiming that that commercial airplane was hit by a missle.

Do I think George W. Bush won the popular vote in this country? Probably. Three million votes is a big difference.

But the more I started reading and examining the results in the days following November 2, the more certain questions kept rising. And not getting answered. There seem to be a few too many irregularities and curiosities that require explanation. And yes, I am alarmed and distressed that every single irregularity that has been discovered seems to favor George W. Bush.

I hope that these irregularities in Ohio and Florida and elsewhere are explained. I hope that every concern that will be raised here can be debunked, and will be debunked. My number one fear is that these irregularities do not get addressed. That they are ignored.

As for who I am: I don't work in politics. But I voted for John Kerry, and supported his election wholeheartedly.

But I think that Democrats and Republicans can agree that it's best to have all questions answered immediately and effectively. Consider this a one-stop shop to find all matters related to the November 2 irregularities -- and what's being done to explain them.