Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Friday, December 03, 2004

Conyers contacting Blackwell; Kerry campaign joining recount effort official

Here's yesterday's Associated Press story by John McCarthy on the Kerry campaign joining the recount effort in Ohio.

Money quote: "The Kerry-Edwards campaign felt it had to intervene," said Daniel Hoffheimer, a Cincinnati lawyer who represents the campaign in Ohio. "We did not want a recount to go forward if it only was 87 (of Ohio's 88) counties."

Second money quote: "The Kerry campaign isn't disputing the outcome of President Bush's Nov. 2 victory in Ohio -- a 136,000-vote margin, based on unofficial results -- but wants to make sure any recount is "done accurately and completely," Hoffheimer said."

But here's other big news:

In another development, Rep. John Conyers Jr., D-Mich., sent a letter to Blackwell asking for his assistance in a House Judiciary Committee Democratic staff investigation of "election irregularities." That probe would be in addition to one sought by the Government Accountability Office.