Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Here's some goodies from our comments boxes:

What a ridiculous fairy tale of bogus, made-up bullshit.

Somebody with bandaged hands couldn't vote? HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How pathetic. What you are totally spacing out on, is this: Broward is a Democratic-run county, with Democratic officials manning the offices responsible for running the election. If there are unfriendly people in the Supervisor of Elections office, they would obviously be Democrats and most likely minorities.

So, what you're saying is Democratic, minority government officials were picking on Democratic, minority voters, in a county made up of an overwhelming majority of Democratic, minority citizens.

And why, exactly, are we supposed to care, again?

Weird -- these don't look like minority government officials. Oh, wait. There is an African-American in the back. My bad.

I was under the impression that the allocation of number of machines and precincts was done by the Secretary of State's office. I may be wrong.

Next up:
Pardon my ignorance, but who'd David Wade?? I'm a Kerry supporter - should I be excited??!!

Okay, we were a little bit facetiously enthusiastic about the Wade factor. That's because we went to college with him. David was the traveling spokesperson guy for Kerry. Kind of the Press Secretary on the Road person. I think. It does mean that the campaign is actively interested in what happened in Ohio and getting answers.

Here are some photographs of David Wade. He is not the one playing football.