Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Sunday, November 28, 2004

Hamlet vs. Prince Hal

Dirty Harry claims here that Mr. Kaus is getting bad info. We'd beg to differ. The GELAC link on the Kerry website has not been prominently displayed on the splash page of the website for "months." Since November 2, maybe. We're still figuring that out. So there.

Harry predicts that a recount is not a sure thing, since according to his arithmetic, Bush will come out with a lead remaining of 120,000-130,000 once the provisionals are all totalled up, and that even if through a miracle of science Kerry wins all the undervote -- 93,000 votes, according to Harry -- Bush will still lead in Ohio by 30,000 votes. I plan on reviewing this later tonight, after dinner. Really.

"If 100% of the spoiled ballots won't put Kerry over the top, why have a recount?" asks Harry.

Well, unfortunately, Harry, after glitches give 4,000 extra votes to Bush, Republican counties lock down the ballot counting, and there are other widespread stories of vote suppression, a recount is what's going to take to give people confidence in the integrity of the vote. Don't you think it's a problem when 20% of the population doesn't think George W. Bush was legitimately elected President? I sure do, and I don't understand why any Republican wouldn't support a recount, so as to further corroborate the integrity and accuracy of the vote that elected their President.

Look, Ohio has a recount mechanism. There's a law in place, and Badnarik and Cobb and gang are following the law. Harry makes mention of a decision in Delaware County that has stopped the recount there, if only temporarily, but I can't find any other mention of such a development off Google News.

Harry does have a good thread here where his posters start to re-enact the Donner Party, eating each other. Even his GOP-leaning posters can't agree on what Bush's lead will be once a recount is finished and the provisionals have also been totalled up. It's fun reading.