Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More on Ohio

An interesting idea in our comments box:

I worked on an Ohio media database for John Kerry - although I am a VA resident, I worked with four other Ohioans who I know would jump on-board with this. If they were a serious effort to raise this money, a few things would have to happen:

1. Someone IN OHIO needs to set up a trust account at an Ohio Bank. That account could/would be linked to a Paypal account and donations could be easily solicited in that fashion.
2. Word of Mouth is imperative - This has to circulate with the same virulence as an internet worm. $200,000 isn't all that much money to raise - BUT - it would have to be raised quickly to meet the filing deadline.
3. Groups such as ACT and MoveOn would be good targets for funds and organization. Individuals such as Soros may also be an avenue, but he's radioactive in terms of being totally partisan (not that the others aren't, just less so).

I feel less enthused about setting up a Paypal Account, but I think she hit the nail on the head: this is exactly what Move-On or ACT should be doing right now. $200,000 is small change in the world of political fundraising. And Move-On or ACT, despite their partisan nature, would lend more legitimacy to the effort (that you don't necessarily get with the more far left crowd).

Does anyone have any contacts at Move On? Well, contact them.