Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Seattle Weekly on Irregularities

Rick Anderson has written a very fine piece for the Seattle Weekly, entitled, "When It Doesn't Add Up."

Highlight quote:

Voters generally assume their ballots are tabulated, and done so accurately, says Jim Adler, founder and CEO of VoteHere, the Bellevue company that produces new voter verification and election-audit technology. But, in fact, "You walk away, and you hope for the best," he says. Adler recalls seeing votes stacked up on a malfunctioning scanning machine at his King County precinct. People had simply left their ballots and walked out. "We have some idea our vote is recorded," Adler says, "but we have no idea if it was counted."

And here's an interesting fact: what was the only state to use voter-verified paper ballot printers that issue receipts showing, in code, how a person voted, allowing subsequent online verification that the vote was counted?