Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, December 01, 2004

Washington Governor's recount update

There might be absolutely nothing on the DNC webpage about the 2004 presidential election irregularities -- well, okay, there is this press release applauding the GAO investigation and this November 18th press release about the DNC continuing a commitment to promoting and protecting voting rights post-2004 election -- but the DNC is not being namby-pamby in supporting a fundraising effort to pay for a hand recount in Washington State, where a machine recount mandated by law cut Dino Rossi's lead over Attorney General Chris Gregoire in the Governor's race from 260 to 42 votes. 42 votes separating the two candidates, out of the millions of voters in the entire state of Washington.

Hit that link, give money to the effort, make every vote count. The DNC site says they need to raise $750,000 to pay for the recount.

Now, I know that some readers might think, okay, so the Democrats just want to keep recounting and recounting until they get a result they'd like. But there's a big difference between a machine recount and a hand recount, in terms of hand recounts picking up the differences in the undervote, the cards that haven't been punched or marked well enough for machines to pick up on them but reflect a clear preference of candidate, anyway.