Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Yale Free Press update

Vilensky at the Yale Free Press website does what Mickey Kaus already did -- expose the fallacy of my earlier arguments regarding Lee County and the opti-scan vs. touchscreen counties in Florida. Fair enough -- I consider the Panhandle counties situation to be officially debunked, and have, oh, for the last 48 hours. Unfortunately, there is so much more debunking left to do!

Vilensky is actually jovial, though, and even complimentary to our meager little Danish operation:

The title is not meant to suggest that Rotten Denmark is a tinfoiler. His blog posts are actually rather calm and not hysterical. So, didn't mean to suggest that. On another note, he "outs" the fact that we receive funding from the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, a conservative foundation that helps fund conservative papers all over the country. Well, what else can you do when the Yale administration steals your office, but lets the other papers (even ones with lower readership) have permanent university space? Don't even get me started buddy.

I hear you, dude, but you could do what the Brown Daily Herald and Daily Californian and other campus publications do -- exist off of subscriptions from alums! Getting founddation grants from a frighteningly titled Institute -- what are you, The Nation? Seriously, though, I think it's as hard to be a conservative campus publication that's not the Dartmouth Review as it is to be a campus humor magazine that's not the Harvard Lampoon. Never mind the quality, you're just naturally dealing with an Avis situation.

Now let's answer the Ohio problems and the Broward situation. At the very least, a GAO investigation would give reason to ensure that there is always a paper trail with evoting. It's insane that there isn't.