Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Thursday, November 11, 2004

Broward continues to smell

Great help from our comments box, debunking another commenter's assertation that Broward is a Democratic county run by Democrats, and thus, nothing bad could have happened there. Unfortunately, Broward's election supervisor... is a Jeb Bush handpicked GOP replacement!

Richard Fritzon writes:

Please take another look. Sure, Broward county is a Democratic-run county. Neverthess, one year ago, Jeb Bush replaced the democractic Supervisor of Elections with his handpicked Republican replacement, Brenda Snipes. A few months ago she chose the law firm which has represented both Jeb's election campaign and W's campaign to represent the "non partisan" supervisor's office.

Richard provides this link for further details.

Update: Mea Culpa. As a reader pointed out, Jeb Bush did handpick the election supervisor in Broward... but she subsequently won the Democratic primary for Supervisor of Elections. (Now, the question that remains is if Snipes ran as a Democrat because it would have been impossible to win as a Republican in a primarily Democratic county.)