Something's rotten in the state of Denmark

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

More voters than votes

A note of caution -- in a list of the emails currently going around citing the list of irregularities (and there are many irregularities), many times reference is made to counties where there were more votes than voters. Please note that in some of these cases, the numbers have been corrected -- and the (very plausible) explanation for this irregularity is that while the votes list reflected the absentee ballot vote totals, the voter count did not.

This, unfortunately, does not explain the other Ohio irregularities and glitches, what happened in Broward County, Florida, why some conservative counties in Florida had Bush turn-out that far exceeded GOP registration while in other conservative counties the Bush turn-out mirrored the registration levels, what exactly happened in Warren County when they locked out the media from the counting, and if there were any other glitches like the voting machine in Columbus that tacked on 4,000 extra votes. (If it happened once, why couldn't it happen again?)

There's a lot of explaining and debunking to do.